Traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a recorded history dating back over 2,500 years. The Classics of Internal Medicine is the oldest medical book in China and contains the contents of which TCM is based. It is continuously refined through the clinical experience of over 200 generations of Chinese practitioners. The World Health Organization acknowledges the ability of TCM as a facilitator in the healing of many conditions.

The art of TCM is based on the holistic care of a patient and focuses on the physical and psychological characteristics as indicators of health and disease. The prescribing of traditional Chinese medicine includes a detailed history of signs and symptoms as well as tongue and pulse diagnosis. From these, the physician can piece together a pattern of disharmony which is fused to formulate a diagnosis and tailor an individualized herbal formula specific to the individual. The aim of TCM is not only to alleviate symptoms but directs its attention to the treatment of underlying causes of disease and returning the body, mind and spirit to a more balanced state.

At Natural health paradise, the prescription of the herbal formula will usually consist of 5 -20 herbs selected from a wide range of 500 natural products. The herbal formula is available in forms of raw herbs, concentrated herbal granules and capsules/tablets, ointments/cream for the convenience of its patients.

traditional chinese medicine

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