Prenatal / Pregnancy Care

Prenatal/Pregnancy Care

– Treatments aimed at prevention of miscarriage, reduce nausea, relieve pain. Acupuncture is proven to be effective for many pregnancy issues – Acupuncture has been used for over 2000 years to alleviated unwanted symptoms related to pregnancy. It is safe, effective and non-invasive in treating a) Threatened miscarriage b) Morning sickness c) Insomnia and fatigue d) Backache/ pelvic girdle pain e) Breech presentation f) Premature labour

It is recognized that acupuncture is effective as an immune modulator, and plays a important role in reducing the risk of rejection by the mother’s immune system in the early days of embryo implants and maintenance of the pregnancy. In addition, regular monitoring of the pulse and regular treatment with acupuncture during pregnancy has shown to reduce anxiety and reassuring support during the initial weeks of pregnancy.


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