Fertility Support

I specialise in fertility and pregnancy to assist couples to enhance their natural fertility as well as increase their success during assisted therapies. There are 4 steps in the fertility journey.

Step One – Make an appointment

I encourage you to consider an appointment early in your family planning to optimise you fertility health. If you are like many who have tried to fall pregnant for a while with no success, it is never too late to approach me to add the benefits of my services to your plan.

You may notice that many clinics offer infertility care as part of a long list of ‘specialities’ so why am I any different? Unlike many practitioners, I have both Western and Chinese gynaecology clinic experience, having worked as an obstetrician and Gynaecologist in China and later working as a Chinese Medicine physician.

My approach in the clinic has arisen from a desire to meet the needs of my patients living in western society and using western technology like IVF. I provide them with the additional benefits offered by ancient traditional Chinese medicine. This hybrid approach has seen much success.

Step Two – Initial Consultation with Dr. Yi Wang

We encourage you and your partner to attend together for your initial consultation. Dr Yi will spend about 1 to 1 ½ hours in the initial consultation discussing the following:

  • Understanding your body background and general health
  • Discuss your fertility and menstrual history
  • Reading your pulse and tongue according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine
  • Explaining your body imbalance issues
  • Making an individual treatment plan for you
For example:
  • An acupuncture plan: we will discuss when you should start an acupuncture treatment. How often and how many treatments is best for you. (varies for natural fertility or IVF support)
  • Traditional Chinese herbs plan: Targeted to your individual health imbalance, we will design an herbal remedy. This effective treatment plan will promote a positive health, improve the quality of eggs, sperm and endometrial lining to help increase fertility success.

In the follicular phase (about the first half of the cycle), the yin and blood grows, so do a number of follicles in response to stimulation from the pituitary hormone FSH. If you have yin and blood deficiency, Dr. Yi will target this by providing yin tonic and blood nourishing herbs to help this growth and development process to assist the quality of egg formation.

  • A BBT chart and fertile mucus: Yi will explain to you how to use a basal body temperature measurement (BBT) and how observation of cervical mucus helps to refine our TCM diagnosis of female fertility. Because the fertile mucus can indicate that ovulation is about to happen and the BBT chart can show that ovulation has happened.

Step Three – Experience a calming and relaxing acupuncture

Infertility and the IVF process are extremely stressful events for couples wishing to achieve pregnancy. Acupuncture can alter stress hormone levels, improve blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, assist in digestion and improve sleep. Natural Health Paradise use extremely thin, disposable needles, and Dr. Yi is very gentle with special attention to patient comfort. During treatment most patients do not realize that the acupuncture needle has already been inserted and some may experience a tingling sensation or a light dull ache.

After the first treatment, almost all patients’ fears disappear. The acupuncture therapy will last for 40minutes, it is designed to help you reduce your stress, eliminate your body Qi and Blood stagnation, and to calm and relax your mind. 80% of patients may even experience a relaxing sleep during their first treatment!

Step Four – To Perfect and improve your fertility treatment plan

The initial four weeks of treatment is designed to help balance your body. After which, Dr Yi will work together with you and your partner to focus on your gynaecological situation and improve your fertility. Subsequent consultations are free.

Dr Yi may follow your BBT chart to determine you follicular and luteal phase and work to adjust and perfect your fertility treatment plan. If you follicular phase is too short, say only 9-10 days, Dr Yi will use Chinese acupuncture and herbs to attempt to lengthen it. Because the egg and follicle must not only grow to a certain size, but must also reach a certain level of maturity, which may take time, energy and nourishment. The body loses blood and energy reserve during the period and these much be replaced in the few days prior ovulation.

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