Consultation when you first visit me

On your first visit you will need a consultation so I can understand what you need help with and what I can do to help you. The consultation pricing below doesn’t include an acupuncture treatment or any Chinese herbal remedies.
Service Cost
Consultation $50

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How much does Acupuncture cost?

Service Cost
Acupuncture $75

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How much do Chinese herbs cost?

Herb Type Cost
Fresh herbs (per pack) $16
Prepared herbs (per unit) $19
High concentrate herbs $75

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What does it cost to support IVF?

Service Cost
IVF consultation (Couple) $80
Acupuncture $75
Herbs (per week) $38 – $53

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Cosmetic Dermal Roller anti-ageing treatment costs?

Service Cost
Initial consultation $50
Treatment (1 hour) $110

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