Introducing Dr Yi Wang

A long history of family Acupuncture

Born into a medical family, her grandparents and parents were in private practice as acupuncturist since the 1900’s. Her exposure to natural holistic medicine at a young age led to Dr Yi being taught to understand how the body can heal with natural medicine. Many aspects of her current practices have been passed down from earlier generations.

A teacher of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture

Dr. Yi Wang’s philosophy is to be a good practitioner, one must also be a good teacher. She actively participates in teaching. She is a guest lecturer at Curtin University, Western Australia and in the past, regularly lectured at the Academy of Natural Health Therapy.

A medically qualified professional

Dr. Yi Wang graduated from a full-time five year bachelor degree with first class honours from Beijing Capital Medical University. She later earned a Diploma of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from Beijing Traditional Chinese Medical University.

Clinical experience in Perth and overseas

Having worked in both China-Japan Friendship hospital, Beijing and private clinics in Perth she brings with her over 39 years of clinical experience. She has also recently undertaken a fellowship in the prestigious Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital to enrich her practice and garner a deeper understanding of the traditional art.

AHPRA registered practitioner of TCM and Acupuncture

Dr. Yi Wang is a fully insured practitioner of the Australia Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association LTD (AACMA) and the Federation of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Societies Of Australia LTD (FCMA).


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